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Kodi for iOS is an ultimate entertainment package available to be downloaded for free. It enables users to enjoy free movies, television shows, web series, music and far more awesome entertainment. It supports almost all forms of music files and videos and is usable on all computers.

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Two ways to download Kodi without jailbreaking your iOS device

On your iOS device, there are two ways to download Kodi. The first is via TweakBox to download Kodi, and the second is with Cydia Impactor. The other route includes Xcode, but this choice is not only trickier, it is only available to Mac users.

Method 1: Download Kodi with TweakBox app

It 's important to first remember that TweakBox allows ads on its app before we go through the instructions, as does the Kodi app that you can download from it. Here's how you go about the operation, with that understanding:

Another thing to remember about this approach is that Apple can often revoke the certificate of the app because TweakBox is a third-party source, meaning you would have to wait until the Kodi iOS app is again greenlighted by the company to then be able to use it.

Method 2: Download Kodi with Cydia Impactor

The same developer of Cydia, Jay Freeman, created Cydia Impactor and sideloads the Kodi IPA file from your computer to your iPhone or iPad. It works on Mac, Windows and Linux machines. This is how this approach works:

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