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With just a little patience, employing an internet browser to see internet TV does work, but nonetheless, it definitely isn't ideal. Users simply need to discover their video, tap the hyperlink and await the content to begin playing. Kodi for Windows media center style interface that makes it light and strong alternative for people appearing to manage their community content with a couple of additional features tossed in for good measure. This program is also open source so is totally free for private and industrial use. In summary, the computer software is truly packaged with remarkable capabilities.

kodi download for windows
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How to download Kodi for Windows

Download Kodi from the Microsoft Store

Go to the Microsoft Store and find the Kodi app to start with. When you open the main page, you can download Kodi by clicking on the connection at the base 'Get the Software.' (Don't worry, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are available). From there, to download the installer, double-click. The Configuration Wizard should pop up automatically as soon as the installer has finished downloading. Track the Windows installation steps for Kodi.

Download Kodi from the official site

The official website is directly accessible for you to download Kodi. From the main website, in the top right corner, click the download icon and scroll down to the 'Choose your weapon' section. Tap the Windows symbol from there. You will be given the option to download the 32-bit installer from the Microsoft Store (see above) or download it. As soon as you have finished installing the software, if you want to download the installer, a popup will start automatically. You can launch the new version of Kodi for Windows when the setup is done.

Note: Although both download options are similar, if you go through the Microsoft Store, Kodi automatically updates. You'll need to conduct different updates manually if you go through the Kodi website and use the installer to download.


How to install kodi on windows

Kodi is compatible with a wide range of systems, and almost anyone can install and use this application. In three simple ways, Kodi can install 18 Windows applications.

Method 1: Installation Manual (Using EXE File)

Method 2: Windows App Store

You will end up with the same Kodi version, no matter which installation method you choose. Kodi is not exclusive to the Windows Store, which means you can install and use it just like the standard edition. The greatest advantage here is that you can keep Kodi updated at all times using the Windows Store.

Method 3: Portable Mode

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